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Okay, dinner's over. The little ones are already at play in the yard. Lizzy, the devoted 'tween, is engaged in a lively game of giggle tag with the two toddlers. Braydon, while re-fitting the muffler to his dirt bike over at the side yard, is also busy pretending not to care. Grandpa has settled into his favorite lounge chair and lit his pipe. The twins are still at the dishes, noisily whispering about the recently discovered lump on Aunt Mary's left shoulder. Cool air brushes in off the nearby lake and shooes away the heat as well as the mosquitoes. The sun is heading for bed, and the long day rounds the bend towards home. There's just enough time left for a little light conversation and some good old-fashioned fellowship. So grab a seat here on the steps, or there by the old oak, and join in the discussion. Say your piece, or just while away the time listening to the chirping of the creatures hidden all about. Either way, we're here to entertain, enlighten, and encourage each other. And by the way, thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Voices. So powerful, the voices we give authority to motivate and guide our behaviors, or sabotage our dreams. Wittingly, or unwittingly, we do choose which voices to hear.

Out of the distant past certain voices dominate our mental landscape and shape our future. An example: you were bullied or shamed or otherwise hurt somehow by the "rich" kid in school. Now 30 years later, that is a fact of your experience and should not be buried nor denied. But the meaning you gave that experience all those years ago - that "rich kids are mean" - may now be sabotaging the very dreams and actions you could take to bring wealth and abundance into your life. After all, you don't want to be a "mean" person, so naturally, you can't become "rich."

So an experience that once was a functional advisor in your development - "sometimes people will abuse the power and resources available to them" - has now become a dysfunctional voice in your head to be wary of wealth. As a result your behaviors will produce conflicted, confused results at best, and although you dream of wealth, for instance, you will do everything in your power to avoid it b/c you have embodied and hear only a voice of fear.

Through a process of recognition and awareness (what some would call a process of forgiveness) we can come to terms with these dysfunctional voices and replace their authority with more effective and appropriate affirmations.

Our lives are an echo of the voices that rule us. Choice lies in which voices we give currency to. The key is to choose purposefully.

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